Live It Up Downtown

As residential development strengthens and increases, many are choosing the urban, walkable lifestyle in Downtown Wichita


Downtown is where you can walk to work, where you share in a strong sense of community and where you live it up. Nearly 1,500 people call Downtown home and many more are joining them as new residential projects come on line and are completed.

Short commutes, breathtaking views and cultural conveniences are just some of the reasons young professionals, empty-nesters, and families are seeking the Downtown living experience. Wichita has created a Downtown community that is breathing new life into the City’s oldest business district and moving it into a 24/7 experience.

Living in Downtown Wichita puts you in the center of it all. With a lower than national average cost of living, Downtown Wichita offers big city amenities at midwestern prices. Whether your style is traditional, modern or industrial, Downtown has the perfect living option for you. View our Residential Profile and find your home Downtown.


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