Downtown is home to a mix of eclectic shops

Downtown Wichita boasts unique retail of all kinds. Whether searching for an antique treasure, running important errands, or selecting the perfect holiday gifts, Downtown Wichita is the perfect place to shop. Downtown has the largest number of independantly owned and operated merchants in the region. More than 70 businesses in the district feature fabulous merchandise and the ambiance you can only find in these one-of-a-kind shops. In Downtown Wichita you'll find everything from camping gear to fine furnishings; apparel to hardware; and, books and music to bikes and running shoes. Browse through antique shops, jewelry stores and art galleries, too. Downtown is also your link to a myriad of services such as interior design, photography, picture framing and salon services. Fresh baked goods, homemade confections, plus a variety of cafes, delis and restaurants tempt the taste buds with a wonderful selection of delectable foods and treats. 

2nd Saturday

Every second Saturday of the month, support local merchants, and save money! Simply purchase a re-usable 2nd Saturday shopping bag for $5 and receive discounts at any of our participating merchants. 2nd Saturday also now has Loyalty Cards! For $5 you may purchase a wallet loyalty card and keychain card to be used at any participating merchant to receive discounts.

Check the 2nd Saturday website monthly to see where you can save! Participating 2nd Saturday merchants are not only located in Downtown but also Old Town, Delano, and the Douglas Design District.


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511 E. Douglas
Phone: (316) 992-4225 website
Photography studio
105 S. Emporia
Phone: (316) 267-2730
611 E. Central
Phone: (316) 265-4365 website
920 E. 1st St. N.
Phone: (316) 262-6721
360 E. William
Phone: (316) 264-8763 website
New and used book store.
530 E. Douglas Ave.
Phone: (316) 263-5691
219 E. Douglas Ave
Phone: (316) 267-0205
449 N. Mosley
Phone: (316) 264-9986 website
Hours: 10 a.m. - 5:30 a.m. Monday - Saturday
Automobilia started as a family owned business in 1981. Automobilia offers a wide variety of auto memorabilia and collectibles sure to please any car enthusiast. Our on-line ordering process is secure and uncomplicated.
220 W. Douglas Suite 155
Phone: (316) 262-7297
307 N. Mead
Phone: (316) 265-0667 website
Glass bead classes available. Design and make your own jewelery. Wichita's largest supplier of glass & tools for the glass-bead artist.
Bella Luz    
300 N. Mead Suite 105
Phone: (316) 440-2590
106 S. Emporia
Phone: (316) 250-4730 website
Hours: 10am - 7pm Monday - Friday. 12pm - 4pm Saturday. Closed Sunday.
Better Than Cheesecake LLC is a European lingerie boutique located in the historic Eaton Place. This boutique specializes in high-end, upscale women's intimate apparel. Specialties include Swarovski Crystals, Leavers Lace and Intimate Embroidery.
338 N. Mead
Phone: (316) 260-9920
827 E. Central
Phone: (316) 267-0900
Forty-two vendors with loads of antiques and collectables.
527 E. Central
Phone: (316) 264-5884
200 W. Douglas, Ste. 707
Phone: (316) 943-6900 website
Photography studio
334 N. Mead
Phone: (316) 462-2787 website
Hours: Gallery and Gift Shop HoMondays-Thursdays, 10 am-9pm; Fridays, 10am-5pm; Final Fridays 10am-9pm; Saturdays, 10am-4pm
Great gifts by local artists.
235 N. St. Francis St.
Phone: (316) 264-0836
114 N. St. Francis
Phone: (316) 267-5763
515 E Douglas Ave
Phone: (316) 201-1909
Yoga, Pilates, and clothing
519 E Douglas
Phone: (316) 990-7009 website
Dock 410    
410 S. Commerce
Phone: (316) 262-7330
Regardless of your own personal decorating style, you can rest assured that it is possible to confidently mix and match old and new furnishings and accent pieces fashionably throughout your home. Dock 410 is a great place to explore if you're searching for inspiration on your next decorating project.
200 S. Emporia
Phone: (316) 734-9678
An eclectic collection of fine antiques - 18th, 19th and 20th century furniture, lamps & lighting - art and sculpture, primitives and folk art objects, garden decor - ornamental iron, architectural elements & hardware and the unusual & the unique. Appointment recommended to Jerry White by phone or email at
125 N. Market Suite 110
Phone: (316) 448-0427
301 N. Main Suite 125
Phone: (316) 263-8755
515 S. Main Suite 112
Phone: (316) 253-0386
First Gear    
111 N. Mosley St.
Phone: (316) 264-5500
We strive to provide knowlegeable and informative service to runners and walkers of all abilities. We don't just want to sell you a shoe; we want to sell you the best shoe for your individual needs. In our store, each customer is provided with one-on-one service until the customer is satisfied with his or her purchase.
412 E. Douglas
Phone: (316) 684-1361 website
605 S. Wichita St.
Phone: (316) 303-9333
A specialty retailer that serves the needs of outdoor lifestyles enthusiasts, with a particular focus on hunting, fishing and camping
424 S. Commerce
Phone: (316) 263-2323
111 N. Mosley
Phone: (316) 682-4144 website
Bicycles, equipment and professional staff makes this your one-stop shop for all your biking needs.
228 N. Market St.
Phone: (316) 264-2450
504 S. St. Francis
Phone: (316) 265-9828 Fax: (316) 262-8054website
Wichita's fireplace experts with a 3,000 sq. ft. showroom featuring wood and gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts and pellet stoves and inserts.
212 N. Waco
Phone: (316) 262-1201
918 E. Douglas
Phone: (316) 440-5949
Offers a mix of traditional white gowns & more colorful, traditional Vietnamese gowns.
300 N. Mead Ste. 109
Phone: (316) 734-4919 website
100 N. Broadway Suite 120
Phone: (316) 262-5300 website
The John A. Marshall Company has been creating the finest business interiors since 1922.
914 E. Douglas Suite 200
Phone: (316) 494-3571 website
Wedding and lifestyle photography. A take on more traditional photography. Owned and operated by Ashley Burbank and Ashley Knolla
924 E. Douglas
Phone: (316) 644-0702 website
916 E Douglas Ave
Phone: (316) 425-5533
329 N. Mead
Phone: (316) 264-1080
Home to fashion jewelry, handbags, gifts, and accessories for you and your home.
108 S. Emporia
Studio for transferring artwork and photographs to items that include T-shirts, canvass bags, mugs, umbrellas, water bottles, phone cases, stickers, temporary tattoos, caps, even flip-flops.
630 E Douglas Suite 100
Phone: (316) 440-5035 website
Men's Lifestyle Boutique
110 S Emporia
Phone: (316) 350-5524 website
Vintage instrument repairs and restoration
121 N. Mead Suite 107
Phone: (316) 262-5192
235 S. Topeka
Phone: (316) 681-3611 website
600 E. First St. N.
Phone: (316) 264-3088 website
Hours: 10:00am-8:00pm Thursday, 10:00am-8:00pm Friday, 10:00am-5:00pm Saturday
When you visit a person’s home for the first time and see a piece or two of their furnishings that stand out, you may sense an energy in that home’s environment. Those are the type of furnishings that Mr. Diggs Dwelling & Co. will be hunting down and offering to customers. This is a place to find those unique pieces that make lasting impressions.

Mr. Diggs is about finding one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. They offer eclectic furnishings and home décor that are both new and repurposed. Every weekend is exciting with new items arriving daily.

125 N. Rock Island
Phone: (316) 262-0600
835 E. 1st
Phone: (316) 263-1311 website
Hours: Mondays-Saturdays, 10 am-5pm; Sundays, noon-5pm
126 N. St. Francis
Phone: (316) 683-3730
800 E. 1st St N #100
Phone: (316) 267-8744 website
835 E. 1st St.
Phone: (316) 992-0413 website
Hours: 7 a.m. to noon every Saturday, May 5 - Oct. 13th
504 E. Douglas
Phone: (316) 267-8000
313 N. Mead
Phone: (316) 440-4500 website
We are a family owned Aveda concept salon and spa. Our talented team looks forward to offering the most advanced and pampering services in Wichita. Our staff is advanced educated in the latest styles and techniques.

Every haircut will be served with a hot oil scalp massage and color service will be served with a customized hand treatment and massage. Every service will follow a make up touch up or a free sample of Aveda product

206 S. Emporia St.
Phone: (316) 265-6289
300 N. Mead, Ste. 106
Phone: (316) 866-2622
921 E. Douglas
Phone: (316) 612-1500
Salon Q    
230 N. Mosley St. #A
Phone: (316) 252-9927
A full service salon.
509 E Douglas Ave
Phone: (316) 260-5203
Hair Salons
922 E. Douglas
Phone: (316) 303-1005 website
244 E. Douglas
Phone: (316) 289-2700
Garvey Center - 300 W. Douglas
Phone: (316) 927-3825
252 N. Topeka
Phone: (316) 263-8794
920 E. Douglas
Phone: (316) 361-2620 website
Furniture, accessories and gifts along with design services.
Contact Nathan Farha with Grubb and Ellis for more property information.
205 E. Lewis
Phone: (316) 262-3388 website
415 E. Douglas Ave
Phone: (316) 264-1525
506 E. Douglas
Phone: (316) 684-1361 website
Services include frame restoration and conservation, and they also provide a wide choice of quality frames. Visit us today and see our large frame collection, or consult with one of our specialists regarding your frame restoration and conservation needs. Our services include: Frame Restoration and Conservation Picture Frames Dealership Needlework French Detail Matting
The Yard    
725 E. Central Ave
Phone: (316) 265-4672 website
Offering the most unusual assortment of goods including aluminum, steel, hardware, aircraft sheetmetal tools, foam rubber, old fashion canvas tarps, casters, garden and lawn ornaments, precision tools, vinyl, upholstery and plexiglass.
427 N. Washington
Phone: (316) 264-1908 website
Retail store offering 17 years of experience in selling and installing accessories for trucks, sport utilities and vans.
521 E. Douglas
Phone: (316) 882-3633 website
Hours: Monday: Open Only By Appointment Tuesday-Friday: 10 am - 5:30 pm Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm (Or By Appointment -- Call to Schedule today at 316-882-3633)
UnVeiled was born out of a love of all the details that make a wedding day so unique. There are thousands of dresses out there and a lot of them look a little bit alike - but, with just the perfect finery, you can transform "The" wedding dress into "Your" wedding dress. UnVeiled invites you to bring your dress, try it on with birdcage veils, headpieces, headbands and more. Take your time and enjoy this experience.
255 N. Water
Phone: (316) 262-4200
White Dove    
140 N. Mead
Phone: (316) 262-3683 website
All you metaphysical gifts, incense and yoga classes.
204 N. Main
Phone: (316) 265-9314 website
Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11:00am to 4:00pm Saturday – Sunday 1:00pm to 5:00pm Closed Mondays
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