Fridays = Free Fun

Arts are the focus of Final Friday

Final Friday — As the name implies, Final Friday happens the last Friday of each month.  Art galleries, museums, restaurants and retail shops around Wichita stay open late and welcome visitors. Recognizing that Downtown is the artistic and cultural center for the region, the Q-Line trolley service transports art lovers to the concentration of venues in Downtown. The ride is free and allows attendees to park once and visit several galleries. View the trolley route on the printable Downtown venues map.

Hours vary between galleries but the majority are open during the core hours of 7pm to 9pm Most galleries use Final Friday to unveil and debut new shows or as a closing reception. All venues are free and open to the public and several galleries incorporate artist demonstrations and/or live music. Not only does this event give guests the opportunity to view creative art space, it also is an excellent time to purchase one-of-a-kind artwork directly from artists.

Download Printable Map with Concentration of Downtown Venues & Q-Line Route

View Online Interactive Map of All Venues in Wichita or view the "Resources" above

What galleries participate in Final Friday?

Galleries, museums, restaurants, and retail shops from across Sedgwick County often participate in this event. A full listing may be seen under the "Resources" tab. You may also download a reference map (currently in progress) of the concentration of galleries and shops that are in Downtown with the Q-Line trolley route.

Are you an artist or gallery owner intersted in being included on the Final Friday list? Email the WDDC or call at 316-264-6005.

Can I buy art tonight?

Absolutely. Not only does this event give guests the opportunity to view creative art space, it also is an excellent time to purchase one-of-a-kind artwork directly from artists.

Plan to attend next time

Next month Final Friday will occur on September 25. Participating venues will be listed on this website no less than a week before the event.

2015 Final Friday dates: October 30 and November 27 

How can I find out about all the Downtown activities & events?

Join our confidential email list here. Click on "Special Events News" to receive weekly Downtown Events Emails.

Sculpture Walkabout

The Sculpture Walkabout was initiated by Mayor Carl Brewer and showcases area artists. The art is chosen from a juried competition and is available for purchase. Sculptures are located in Old Town on north Mosley and Mead between Douglas and Second Street and on the Intrust Bank Arena plaza.

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Final Friday
Final Friday
Final Friday
Final Friday
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Final Friday 8/28
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42 Below    
1203 E. Douglas Ave.
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Sat: 11am - 8pm, Sun: 11am-6pm

Final Friday

8pm - midnight

Featuring artwork by Kelly Capadona, Danny Pham, Aaron Horner, Ceneric Smith, Shane Fields and Anthony Trupia.
Live Glass Blowing by Ceneric Smith and Shane Fields

Live glass blowing will be performed in the back and paint exhibit in the front.

511 E. Douglas Ave.
Phone: (316) 260-9522
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: By Appointment

Sculpture with a "Twist" & Native American Portraits


Featuring art by Greg Johnson, Charles Leonard and Gregory Walker

Full exhibition on display from August 28 - September 22

829 N. Market

The Peoples Art


Featuring artwork by Wookland UMC

307 N. Mead St.
Phone: (316) 265-0667 website

Beadazzled Final Friday


Featuring artwork by Michele Pugh.
Guest artist is Michele Pugh with her wonderful collection of handmade books. She is the artist behind Leila Ebenezer Handmade Books. Beadazzled will also have the glass studio torches blazing as they melt glass!

Bella Luz    
300 N Mead St #105
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Thurs 10am-9pm, Fri - Sat 10am-11pm, Sun 12pm-6pm



Featuring artwork by Melissa Smith

Melissa's work focuses on the clash of innocence with maturity. From the absurd to the sweet, she believes in a world full of uncanny contradictions. Melissa will be available to visit with the public from 6-8pm.

334 N. Mead
Phone: (316) 350-3245 website
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am-9pm, Saturdays 9am-4pm

Main Gallery: "Perspective: Objects and Elements" artwork by Robert Schmidt

Robert Schmidt will be on hand to speak with visitors and discuss his work during a Final Friday Artist's Talk at 6:30 p.m. in the Main Gallery that is free and open to the public.

Boardroom Gallery : "Bite" photography by Andrea Fuhrman

Andrea Fuhrman will be on hand to speak with visitors and discuss her work during a Final Friday Artist's Talk at 7:30 p.m. in the Boardroom Gallery that is free and open to the public.

Main Hall Gallery: "Landscapes in Abstraction" artwork by Diane Curtis

Balcony Gallery: Artwork by individuals from Envision's Art Education Program
Envision is a local organization that provides support and programming to individuals with vision loss. By using their imaginations and creativity, the Envision artists create works of art that share their stories and show their feelings and ideas in a variety of ways. 5-8pm

Full Exhibition: August 28 - September 19

400 S. Commerce
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm

Final Friday


Featuring artwork by various artists.

Delano BBQ    
710 W. Douglas
Hours: Regular Business/ Venues Hours: 11am-8pm

Evolving Reflections and Reading of "f*sh"


Featuring paintings by Michelle Calhaun
The Screenplay/Ready titled "f*sh" by Lisa Sillaway-Henshall

10% of restaurant sales from 3-8pm will benefit Hope Ranch for Women.

The screenplay/reading will be after hours at 8:05. Our S'mores Bar will be out for the evening.

412 E Douglas
Phone: (316) 267-5915 website
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Sat, 10am - 4pm

Color Stories


Featuring paintings by Melinda Weis
Also featuring ceramics by David Self

Full Exhibition: August 28 - September 22

508 S. Commerce

Lines and Boxes


Featuring artwork by Eric Carbery

Moving to Chicago Sale!

215 N. Washington
Phone: (316) 530-2203 website
Hours: By appointment.

WICHITOPOLIA: a community project with Robert Bubp


Featuring art by Robert Bubp

Community contributions and participation are the driving force for the content of this exhibition, titled Wichitopolia. Resident Artist Robert Bubp will act as a coordinator to compile ideas and help visitors realize visions for the future of Wichita. Wichitopolia asks what we, the community, would like to see develop in Wichita over the next 25 years? Answers to this question will take shape in the form of drawings, maps, and architectural experiments which will accumulate at Harvester Arts during the two weeks Bubp is in residence.

The reception on August 28 will be a workshop for public exploration of the communal and collaborative ideas gathered. This will include drawings, renderings, projections, written comments, and interactive elements for visitors to envision and brainstorm Wichita's future in real space while having the ability to add input to the works. A follow-up exhibition in January of 2016 will reveal the culmination of this community exploration.

1710 E. Douglas
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: 3pm-midnight

Final Friday


Featuring art by Johnny Freedom

Let'm Eat Brats will be out front from 6 to 8pm. Enjoy Hopping Gnome craft beers and some awesome local Wichita-inspired art!

430 S. Commerce, Suite 200
Phone: (316) 512-5045 website
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Fri - Sat: Noon-4:30pm, Sun - Thurs: By Appointment



Featuring artwork by Ken Wagnon

Full Exhibition: August 28 - September 19

"Subaqueous" is an exhibition of select works by Ken Wagnon, who specializes in underwater photography throughout his travels across the world.

125 S. Washington
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: M-F 8am - 5pm

Micky Maddux Live


Featuring artwork by Micky Maddux

Full Exhibition: August 28 - September 22

Micky Maddux, a native american with a Lakota and Cherokee heritage, is an artist with a unique style of mixed media art that portrays life in a way that evokes emotion, strength and beauty. She specializes in custom art pieces utilizing many types of medium such as oil, acrylic, charcoal, stained glass and metal work. In addition to being a full-time artist - exhibiting her work across the U.S. - Micky is also an accomplished actress and is currently in production on a television show, a web series, and several film projects. "I believe artists see Life differently than the rest of the world. For myself it's like looking through a kaleidoscope. No matter where I am at I can find the beauty and inspiration even in most uncommon places."

147 S. Hillside St.

Beauty in Pain - Benefiting ICT SOS


Featuring artwork by Katie Brown, Grace Shively and Kailey Gibbs
Music by Jake Stemo, with special guests Jason Waller and Holdfast

Concert by Jake Stemo with special guests. All profits from Cd's and donations will go directly to fight against human trafficking in Kansas through ICT SOS. Inversion Gallery displaying featured artists Katie Brown, Grace Shively and Kailey Gibbs a percentage of the profits from their work also going to ICT SOS. No ticket required, $5 suggested donation at the door.

414 S. Commerce
Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm

Wichita (Black &White Photography)

Reception @ 6, 7-10pm

Featuring Photography by Cary Conover

This show contains images of a very graphic and sexual nature. We do not recommend for anyone under 18-years-old.

630 E Douglas Suite 100
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Sat: 12-8pm, Sun: 12-6pm

Come Thru It's Lit


Featuring photography by Max, Evan and Alec

Full Exhibition: August 28 - September 20

Photography exhibition by three local street photographers featuring shots of various U.S. Cities and Wichita.

2277 N Marigold Ln

Two Patriots


Featuring performance by Opera Kansas

This is the premiere performance of Opera Kansas' new educational initiative. We invite any teacher who may be interested in bringing this program to their school.

121 N. Mead
Phone: (316) 262-5192 website
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm, Sat: 10am - 3pm

Final Friday


Featuring artwork by gallery members: Nancy Arroyo, Lesia Beard, Tulia Callanan, Dena Griswold, Curtis Newby and Donna Walling.

8000 W. Central Ave. ste. 400

Final Friday


Featuring artwork by Rania Dillon

3100 McCormick - De Mattias Fine Arts Center
Phone: (316) 942-4291 website

Clay with a Capital T. Tea Pots, Trays, Tureens


Featuring ceramics by The Clay Cartel

The Clay Cartel is a group of ceramic art educators who began showing together in 2014. The group includes Andy Corcoran, Debi Cox, Michelle Jeffries, David Long, Dylan Seeney and David Self.

Each artist brings his or her own concept and vision to each exhibit, with a central idea or theme as the basis of the work. "Teapots, Trays, and Tureens" is an exhibition focused on three classic pottery forms that have traditionally found their existence in the functional realm. The Clay Cartel presents this idea in each artist's individual concept - some have approached it with tradition in mind, with others challenging the norm and role of each piece.

An "Art for Lunch" presentation by the artists will be held Tuesday, Sept. 1 from noon to 1 p.m. in the gallery. A light lunch will be served on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests can also bring their lunch. This event is also free and reservations are not required.

7724 E Central Ave

Final Friday


Featuring artwork by James Borger, Justin Marable, Cally Krallman, Vernon Brejcha and Beverly Radefeld.

2611 E. Douglas Ave.
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 10am-6pm

Final Friday


Featuring artwork by Cal Shi

Music performance by Joe Stumpe

Full Exhibition: Art on display through September 22.

Let'm Eat Brats food truck will be serving authentic German cuisine in front of Reverie on Final Friday from 6-8pm.

412 E Douglas
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Sat: 10am - 4pm



Featuring artwork Sue Godwin

Full Exhibition: August 20 - September 14

1720 E. Douglas

Graven Image


Featuring artwork by Chuck Dooms and Josh Tripoli

Full Exhibition: August 28 - September 28

611 S. St. Francis



Featuring artwork by Kent Williams

418 Commerce
Phone: (316) 303-1996
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: By Appointment

Collective Division


Featuring artwork by Tina Thomas, Micah Snider, Judi Michaelis & Meredith Radke-Gannon

Final Friday closing artists reception, August 28.

150 N. Cleveland
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

Final Friday


Featuring artwork by Kayann Auschermann, From Victory Road
Live music by Maria Elena

Small bites provided by Crown Uptown Theatre Catering.
Coffee and Cocktails provided by Monroe Coffee Roasters.

515 S. Main St. Ste. 115
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: 8am - 5pm

Final Friday at Visit Wichita

5:30 - 9pm

Featuring sculptures by Doug Richards and Babs Mellor

Babs Mellor is a professional sculptor gifted with a love of hard work, humor and creativity. She is a well-known sculptor, teacher and speaker. Babs has studied with the best sculptors in America and abroad. She has created many large bronze statues for cities and for private individuals.

Doug Richards media is mainly clay, hydro stone, cold cast bronze and bronze. Doug developed a great love of relief sculptures. Prior to sculptures Doug also worked in oil, watercolor and some stone carving.

623 W. Douglas Ave
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Friday 9am-5pm

Christopher Gulick, "New Projection-Relief Works"


Featuring artwork by Christopher Gulick

Full Exhibition: July 31 - September 16

4701 E. Douglas
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Mon - Fri 8am to 8pm, Sat. 8am to 5pm, Closed Sunday

Oh, What a Treat! Edible Art


Featuring edible art by Sandra Denneler

Ohhhh, ahhhh, and eat your way through Wichita's first edible art show. Celebrating the launch of her first book - "Oh, What a Treat!" - Sandra Denneler will display photos and snackable samples of her creative kitchen work. Books will also be available for purchase through Watermark.

416 S. Commerce Suite 102
Hours: By appointment during the summer.

Inception: Project RunAway Category Winners


Featuring artwork by David Arevalo, Chloe Cloud, Emily Hernandez, Trevor Hybsha and Alex Moore

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