Fridays = Free Fun

Arts are the focus of Final Friday

Final Friday — As the name implies, Final Friday happens the last Friday of each month.  Art galleries, museums, restaurants and retail shops around Wichita stay open late and welcome visitors. Recognizing that Downtown is the artistic and cultural center for the region, the Q-Line trolley service transports art lovers to the concentration of venues in Downtown. The ride is free and allows attendees to park once and visit several galleries. View the trolley route on the printable Downtown venues map.

Hours vary between galleries but the majority are open during the core hours of 7pm to 9pm Most galleries use Final Friday to unveil and debut new shows or as a closing reception. All venues are free and open to the public and several galleries incorporate artist demonstrations and/or live music. Not only does this event give guests the opportunity to view creative art space, it also is an excellent time to purchase one-of-a-kind artwork directly from artists.

Download Printable Map with Concentration of Downtown Venues & Q-Line Route.

View Online Interactive Map of All Venues in Wichita or view the "Resources" above.

What galleries participate in Final Friday?

Galleries, museums, restaurants, and retail shops from across Sedgwick County often participate in this event. A full listing may be seen under the "Resources" tab. You may also download a reference map (currently in progress) of the concentration of galleries and shops that are in Downtown with the Q-Line trolley route.

Are you an artist or gallery owner intersted in being included on the Final Friday list? Email the WDDC or call at 316-264-6005.

Can I buy art tonight?

Absolutely. Not only does this event give guests the opportunity to view creative art space, it also is an excellent time to purchase one-of-a-kind artwork directly from artists.

Plan to attend next time

Next month Final Friday will occur on June 26. Participating venues will be listed on this website no less than a week before the event.

2015 Final Friday dates: May 29, June 26, July 31, August 28, September 25, October 30 and November 27 

How can I find out about all the Downtown activities & events?

Join our confidential email list here. Click on "Special Events News" to receive weekly Downtown Events Emails.

Sculpture Walkabout

The Sculpture Walkabout was initiated by Mayor Carl Brewer and showcases area artists. The art is chosen from a juried competition and is available for purchase. Sculptures are located in Old Town on north Mosley and Mead between Douglas and Second Street and on the Intrust Bank Arena plaza. The cash award will be presented to the artist at the annual Arts Council Art Awards Dinner in October. Learn More

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Final Friday
Final Friday
Final Friday
Final Friday
Final Friday
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Final Friday 5/29
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511 E. Douglas Ave.
Phone: (316) 260-9522
Sculpture & Paintings


Featuring art by Greg Johnson, Charles Leonard and Gregory Walker

Full exhibition on display from May 29 - June 23

230 N Mosley
Phone: (316) 267-3737 website
Latest Works & Some Early Work

5:30 - 8:30pm

Featuring photography by Tim Martin

Adecco is hosting a JA Social on Final Friday on May 29th and are looking forward to meeting you!

Tim Martin is the photographer. Light, bright and contemporary Photographs. Subject matter is light, water and objects.

307 N. Mead St.
Beadazzled Final Friday


Featuring Jewelry Art by Hatice Rahn.

334 N. Mead
Phone: (316) 350-3245 website
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am-9pm, Saturdays 9am-4pm
Main Gallery: "Dance or Die", works by Sonny Laracuente.

The pieces included in "Dance or Die" reflect Sonny Laracuente's admittedly grim fascination with war and injustice, the dark side of human nature, the uplifting love of music that has buoyed his spirit his entire life and the one thing that ties them all together - perseverance.

Boardroom Gallery and Balcony Gallery : "Wooden Vessels", works by Chad Gorges.

Woodturning is a form of woodworking that is used to create wooden objects on a lathe, a machine tool that rotates pieces on its axis to perform various operations such as cutting, sanding, drilling, etc. It's an art-making method that has expanded Chad Gorges' imagination and removed any limits to what he can create.

Main Hall Gallery: " Photography by the Wichita State University Aperture Club ", featuring works by Thien Doan, Phil Anderson, Dale Small, Travis Leivian, Kelsy Gossett, Dwight Corrin, James Mitchell, Tyler Longfellow and Bruce Ward.


Full Exhibition: May 29 - June 20

710 W. Douglas
Hours: Regular Business Hours: 11am-8pm

4:30 - 8:30pm

Featuring art by Wilfried Fathi

Wilfried Fathi is a fine arts instructor at Butler and WSU. 10% of the restaurants proceeds between 3-9pm will go to Parkinson's Association of the Plains.

Final Friday shows at Delano BBQ are always family friendly. We also bring out the S'mores Bar on Final Fridays.

524 S. Commerce
Phone: (316) 200-5200 website
Fisch Haus Women's Invitational Exhibition
Closing reception


Featuring art by:
Dorothee Davoise
Claire Greenshaw
Yoonmi Nam
Merav Tzur
Julie Ward

The XX series, now in its seventh edition, is a bi-annual invitational exhibition series that features five different female artists each year; every new group of participants being chosen by the previous five. This "tag" structure should, through its natural progression, offer the Wichita community an expansive range of work, both geographically and stylistically. There is no set criteria for acceptable medium or genre, as long as the work is unique and exceptional. The intention of this exhibition is not to focus simply on art made by women (just as a show featuring only male artists isn't presented as a "men's show"); rather, to highlight the work of five extraordinary artists that happen to be women.

412 E Douglas
Phone: (316) 267-5915 website
Hours: Regular Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am - 4pm
"A Walk Among the Trees"


Featuring art by Jan Klassen
Also featuring sculptures by Don Lind

Full Exhibition: May 29 - June 23

508 S. Commerce
A Story of Reflection


"A Story of Reflection" is a work of self realizations. The realization that, no matter what work is produced; it is always a mirror image of the artist's state in life. The World War One drawing entitled "No Man's Land" is a work of emptiness, desolation, and destruction. All the things I had been experiencing during that time period. I now understand why I chose to work with World War One images during that time. I feel it to be important to understand how our environment affects our emotional state and our seemingly unaware decisions.

-Jessica Renee

430 S. Commerce, Suite 200
Phone: (316) 512-5045 website
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Friday-Saturday: 11:00am-5:00pm, Sunday-Thurday: By Appointment Only


Featuring art by Sean Christopher Ward and Lindy Weise

Full Exhibition: May 29 - June 20

Also showing works by our newest artist, Sharon Sieben, along with all of our represented artists.

125 S. Washington
Hours: M-F 8am - 12pm/1pm - 5pm
Live at IFG


Featuring art by Charles Baughman

Full Exhibition: May 22 - June 19

926 E. Douglas Ave.
Paintings for Big Boys


Featuring art by Michael Granite

121 N. Mead
Phone: (316) 262-5192 website


Featuring art by Dennis Foye

Full exhibition on display through June 20th

1100 W. 15th St. N
The Island of Tulipatan


Featuring art by Theresa Fisher, Erin Mundus, Aaron Stepanek, Adam Willingham and Paul Brodene Smith

This is a preview performance of our Riverfest Production. The show is a one act comic opera by Offenbach.

1144 N. Bitting
Hours: Mon - Thurs: 7am-10pm, Fri & Sat: 7am-midnight, and Sun: 8am-10pm
Oil on Canvas


Featuring art by Greg Walker and Charles Leonard

Full Exhibition: May 29 - June 23

7724 E Central Ave
Phone: (316) 682-1481 website
"Final Friday"


Featuring new works from Kansas Artist.
Woodturnings by Jonathan Farney, paintings by Cally Krallman, stone carvings by Don Lind, and paintings by Joseph Loganbill.

2611 E. Douglas Ave.
Hours: Mon - Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 10am-6pm


Featuring watercolors by Adam Crispin and Music by Author and Alistair Hennessey

Full Exhibition: Art on display until June 23

Kind Kravings food truck will be outside Reverie from 6-9pm.

922 E. Douglas Ave
Native American Art


Featuring art by various artists.

412 E Douglas
Hours: Mon - Sat: 10am - 4pm
"Abstractions from the Edge"


Featuring art by Jason Schaeffer

Full Exhibition: May 22 - June 19

611 S. St. Francis
Phone: (316) 308-3919
Final Friday at the FFarquhar


Featuring art by local artist

418 Commerce
Phone: (316) 303-1996
Earth Elements


Featuring art by Chris Wolf Edmonds and Pam Sullivan

Artwork from two Kansas artists that share their love of nature and create visual poetry using color, texture, fabric, stitch, paint, and print.

417 E. Gilbert
Phone: (316) 519-3103 website
Hours: Fri.-Mon 10am-5:30pm
"Things From the Heart "


Featuring art by C.A. McJack

Full Exhibition: Through June

232 N Market
Install 5.15


Featuring art by Mike Miller, Ed Langston, Linnebur & Miller, Sarah Stewart, Ian Walker Stewart, Christopher Gulick, Chiyoko, Mark S Walker and Tara Hufford Walker.

623 W. Douglas Ave
Phone: (316) 260-6430 website
Hours: M-F 9am - 5pm
Super Happy Fun Time!


Featuring art by Jami Moore

Full Exhibition: May 29 - June 16

Snacks and drinks will be provided during the Final Friday event.

416 Commerce #102
Phone: (316) 978-7706 website
Hours: Regular Business/ Venue Hours: Wed - Sat: 1 - 4pm
"Open & Closed"


Featuring art by Rhonda Davis & Michael Fisher

Wichita State University's Shift Space, a student gallery located downtown in the Commerce Street Art District, opens a new BFA exhibition Friday May 8th. "Open and Closed" showcases work from our BFA Graduates in the areas of Drawing & Painting, with a closing reception on Friday, 6 - 9pm, Friday May 29th. Regular gallery hours are Wed - Sat 1 - 4.

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