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Downtown Wichita not only offers many exciting things to do, it also has plenty of parking. Downtown has over 23,000 total spaces that are divided between convenient street parking for a short stay, covered parking for those days you just don’t want to get out in the weather and an abundance of open area parking. Here is a quick overview of the types of parking available in Downtown.

Event: For specific event parking, visit the parking map here.

Street: Downtown has 2,100 on-street parking spaces and most have time limitations. Look for signs that post time periods.

Customer: These spaces are available for people visiting a specific business. The spaces are usually identified with signs and are often close to building entrances.

Daily: Short term, public parking lots provide parking for an hour or day. Most lots are identified with the recognizable and colorful “P” parking symbol.

Daily/Monthly: When entering a lot, look for signs about the public use of the space and where to pay for daily parking.

Monthly: A number of parking lots are leased on a monthly basis. While anyone can lease a spot daily or hourly parking is not allowed.

Covered: Almost every garage in Downtown Wichita allows hourly or daily parking. All parking garages in Old Town are free and open to the public. A number of garages are open and available after 5pm to accommodate Downtown events and activities.

Parking Tips

Parking Signs: Look for parking signs. They will tell you if you can park in that location, how long you can park there, and during what hours you are allowed to park.

Parking Meters: The parking meters located throughout Downtown Wichita are enforced for 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Meters and restricted parking areas around Century II and the Library are enforced seven days a week until 11pm with the exception of holidays.Don’t feed the meter. According to City Code Ordinance 11.68.090 it is illegal to feed or plug a meter all day and stay parked at a metered space longer than the allotted time.

Parking Ambassador: If you have questions regarding City public parking spaces in front of your business, please refer to the Parking Ambassador District Map to contact your Ambassador directly.

Downtown Parking Information

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By the hour, day or month

Please contact these parking operators wth any questions about their parking availabiity and use.

Ampco 265-4209
Central Church 265-9653
Casado-McKay 262-5491
Douglas Garage 263-1201
Epic Center 291-8450
First Baptist Church 263-5285
Farm Credit Bank 266-5598
Garvey Center 261-5325
Gore Oil 263-3535
Hyatt Hotel 293-1922
Intrust Bank 383-5828
J Thorn 268-2401
Key Management 264-1866
Midian Shrine 265-9676
Parking Incorporated 263-2685
Standard Parking 265-4267
St. John's 262-0897
Utter Commercial 263-2448
Weigand Omega 262-2215
Western Imaging 262-2465


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