Downtown Public Policy

Project Downtown: The Master Plan for Wichita charts a 20-year vision for Downtown Wichita. The vision is guided by five principles that address the critical factors necessary to initiate a more strategic and accelerated revitalization process for Downtown, and each of the five vision principles contains an element that speaks to design. To accomplish design elements of the vision, all projects within the Project Downtown plan area are encouraged to be developed in a manner consistent with the plan’s General Design Guidelines and Project Development Criteria, and any project involving public investment is required to be developed in a manner consistent with the guidelines.

The Downtown Design Resource Center (DDRC) is a partnership between the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation and the City of Wichita to assist developers with gaining access to the resources necessary to make the projects happen and designing projects in a manner consistent with the guidelines. The DDRC also has been charged with determining if a project’s design is consistent with the guidelines in order that it may be eligible for public investment through a public-private partnership.

Below are documents useful in the development process:

Real Estate Disposition and RFP Process

2014 Amended Downtown Development Incentives Policy

2011 Downtown Development Incentives Policy

Public Private Partnership Criteria

Preliminary Review Process

Downtown Development Incentives Application Checklist

Application for Development Incentives

Applicant Disclosure Questionnaire

Third Party Financial Analysis Process

Catalyst Site Inquiry


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