Project Downtown

The Master Plan for Wichita

A milestone we've worked together as a community to achieve. Project Downtown: The Master Plan for Wichita. The plan focuses on key areas of our downtown, illustrating the potential we have as a community to grow.  The plan has overwhelming support from the private and public sectors.  A blueprint for our future, it benefits the public and private sector when making decisions, being strategic with public sector investment so we, as a community, maximize private sector investment.

We invite you to download Project Downtown and Appendix.

What's in a plan? 

Let’s take a quick look back. The success of 1989’s initial downtown development effort, sometimes called the RTKL plan, exceeded expectations. From there, a second series of downtown improvements, the River Corridor plan, took hold. After voters approved funding for a regional sports and entertainment arena, the Arena Neighborhood plan was designed to improve areas surrounding the arena site. Collectively, these three plans have built a strong foundation. Projects evolving from them continue to grow. With each new success, residents and visitors discover new ways to use and enjoy downtown Wichita.


Project Downtown September Event
Project Downtown September Event (2)
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