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While keeping true to the building’s original 1950s character, The LUX is set on developing a unique sense of community and place in downtown Wichita. This multi-use building is more than 170,000-square-foot, and includes domestic and commercial space.





The LUX is now leasing and available for move in! Units include The Essential, The One Bedroom, The Two Bedroom and the Three Bedroom. Amenities available to residents are green roof access, free wi-fi, washer/dryer in each unit, dry cleaning (pick up & delivery), pets welcome, covered parking available, LEED Certified, energy efficient appliances and a programmable thermostat.

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Originally built to house KG&E, 120 East First Street was the first of a major building boom that occurred in Wichita in 1954. Construction of the new KG&E offices took over two years to complete due to the customized detailing of both exterior and interior features of the building’s design. In 1955, KG&E had grown to the point that it was able to list its common stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

By 1967, KG&E announced their plan for a major addition of five stories to the existing 1953 building. The company stated that it was more important for KG&E to remain in Downtown Wichita.

As originally designed and constructed, the 7-story building features ribboned aluminum-framed fenestration, expansive brick spandrels and continuous concrete sunshades (extensions of the monolithic floor slabs), with aluminum fascia above each floor. On the interior, the architects planned for a flexible workflow for a growing company. Subsequently, there have been some changes to the interior of the building, as a result of the 1969-1970 addition and remodeling and upgrades to office arrangement.

KG&E occupied the building into the 1990s and various businesses have operated there through 2011. Today, the KG&E building is home to The LUX - the future of 120 East First Street.

Domestic Space

The LUX will contain more than 85 units including The Essential, The One Bedroom, The Two Bedroom and the Three Bedroom. The target markets for the domestic space is single adults, empty nesters and families. View unit configurations and pricing for the domestic space at

Commercial Space

Downtown is an epicenter of activity. Commercial space in the LUX will provide business with modern conveniences and a “cool factor.” There’s something fascinating about doing business in an urban office.


Luxury terraces will be on the 3rd and 8th floors. The 3rd floor terrace will incorporate trees and plants and be large enough for children to play. A smaller, 8th floor terrace will be designed for residents who don’t have children and will provide them outdoor space to entertain guests.


Cost of the project is estimated between $13 million and $15 million. The developers are trying to maintain the character of the building by re-using certain pieces (such as a large, honeycomb-style light fixture that nearly encompasses the length and width of one conference room in the building and Bauhaus-style clocks) in a new or different way.

LEED Certification

The LUX is also seeking LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. This will highlight the LUX’s energy efficiency and it’s green features.

The LUX "The Essential"
The LUX Construction Progress
The LUX One Bedroom
The LUX trailer
The LUX Renovations
The LUX Renovations
The LUX Renovations
The LUX Renovations
The LUX Renovations
The LUX Renovations
The LUX Renovations
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