Project Downtown


The Master Plan for Wichita

A milestone we've worked together as a community to achieve. Project Downtown: The Master Plan for Wichita.  The plan focuses on key areas of our downtown, illustrating the potential we have as a community to grow.  View the full plan below as an entire document, or each separate section.

Project Downtown:

I. Executive Summary
II. A New Era of Opportunity
III. Community Engagement: Building a Shared Vision
IV. The Downtown Vision
V. Plan Framework
VI. Vision Plan
VII. Catalyst Sites
VIII. Putting the Plan to Work
IX. Appendices
      a. Housing Market Analysis
      b. Office and Hospitality Market Analysis
      c. Retail Market Analysis
      d. Existing Transportation Conditions Analysis
      e. Benefits from Transportation Improvements Analysis
      f. General Design Guidelines
      g. Project Development Criteria
      h. Implementation Matrix

Project Downtown Presentation (9/28)

Downtown Development Guide (9/27)

Economic Development Incentive Appendix (11/4)


Local Loop - Downtown Master Plan
Project Downtown September Event
Project Downtown September Event (2)
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