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Jeff Fluhr

President, Greater Wichita Partnership
President, Wichita Downtown Development Corporation


Jeff Fluhr serves the community in several roles with one mission: to grow the regional economy.

As President of the Greater Wichita Partnership, Jeff Fluhr is responsible for carrying out an aggressive approach to regional economic growth through newly aligned organizations and initiatives. This includes continuing to serve as President of the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation (WDDC) and working concurrently on local and regional economic development initiatives.

At WDDC, Jeff is responsible for carrying out the mission of the WDDC to strengthen Downtown Wichita as a strong economic center of a strong economic region. In this capacity, he works closely with the WDDC Board of Directors, private sector partners and local government to stimulate new investment and interest in Downtown Wichita. He has been in this position since 2008.

In economic development, Jeff is responsible for providing leadership with efforts to grow existing Wichita companies as well as pursuing new companies that may continue to advance the community’s development. The Blueprint for Regional Economic Growth (BREG) is the strategic document guiding the development of the 10 county region.

Jeff’s experience in Wichita encompasses downtown master planning, city planning, urban revitalization, funding strategies, project management, community coalition building, market economics, marketing, and working with private sector investors.

Jeff worked closely with the community and partners to develop and implement Project Downtown: The Master Plan for Wichita, which was adopted in 2010, and has served as an economic driver for development. In the last 10 years, the public and private sectors have invested more than a billion dollars in Downtown Wichita.

In early 2015, the Greater Wichita Partnership evolved out of the community’s Leadership Council, a group of more than 100 area business, non-profit, education, union, public sector and association leaders. The Partnership now provides close alignment of both the WDDC and local/regional economic development activities. Also under the Partnership’s umbrella is the Business and Education Alliance and Entrepreneurship Task Force initiatives.

Prior to coming to Wichita, Jeff served as the Assistant Executive Director of the City of Baton Rouge Downtown Development District. Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Kentucky and a master’s degree in landscape architecture from Louisiana State University, which focused on urban planning and business.

Jeff is actively involved in the community and serves on various boards including: Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce, Visit Wichita and the Wichita Community Foundation. He also is a board member for the International Downtown Association. Early in his career he was awarded a Rotary Club International fellowship for a business exchange in Australia to study city planning and economic development.

Jeff is married to Melissa and they have two children, a son Matthew and a daughter Anna Joy.


Jason Gregory

Executive Vice President, Wichita Downtown Development Corporation


As Executive Vice President, Jason is responsible for launching and guiding various initiatives leading the implementation of Project Downtown, Wichita’s Downtown Master Plan and the WDDC’s strategic business plan. He also provides key leadership for the Downtown Design Resource Center whose mission is to connect and engage individuals in the development of our Downtown.

Jason is a Wichita area native who has a diverse background in business, landscape architecture, urban design, project management and construction. He received a bachelor's degree in business administration from Friends University and a master's degree in landscape architecture from Kansas State University.

Jason is an elected School Board Member for USD 268 in Cheney and is involved with his local church. He also volunteers his time coaching numerous youth sports. He is a member of the International Downtown Association and Young Professionals of Wichita and is a member of the Wichita Parks Foundation Board of Directors.

Jason is married to Angie and they have three boys, Jack, Graham and Emmet.


Jaimie Garnett

Executive Vice President of Strategic Communications, Greater Wichita Partnership


As the Executive Vice President of Strategic Communications for the Greater Wichita Partnership, Jaimie develops and oversees the execution of strategic communications, targeted messaging, integrated marketing, brand management and creative content of the Greater Wichita Partnership and it's entities to drive economic development in the region.

Previously, Jaimie held the position of the Vice President of Communications for the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation where she worked in partnership with the public and private sector to develop and implement strategies to creatively communicate the vision outlined in Project Downtown as well as progress on development initiatives through written and visual information to broaden the awareness and interest of Downtown. During her WDDC tenure, campaigns, events and marketing materials received numerous local awards including Public Relations Society of America Clarus and Wichita American Marketing Association Silver and Gold MAX awards. The International Downtown Association has also recognized WDDC’s team and work with numerous awards, including its top honor the Pinnacle Award.

Jaimie has a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design from Kansas State University. She is a past Board of Trustees member of Young Professionals of Wichita and is a current Board of Directors member of the Wichita Arts Council.


Nancy Moore

Administrative Assistant, Wichita Downtown Development Corporation


As Administrative Assistant, Nancy manages all office operations. She oversees the accounting functions of the organization including accounts payable and receivable and prepares monthlybudget and expense reports. Nancy coordinates and facilitates meeting for staff members and the Board of Directors. In addition, Nancy maintains the mailing lists and is responsible for identifying and committing volunteers for events.

Nancy started at WDDC at it's inception in 2003 and took a year sabbatical in 2008/2009. She is very happy to return to WDDC and has always had a passion for downtown. Nancy is married to JP and has two children.



Andy Kim

Design & Communication Specialist, Wichita Downtown Development Corporation


As Design & Communication Specialist, Andy is involved in finding new and innovative ways to communicate the progress of Downtown Wichita. He is in charge of the appearance and context of WDDC website, designing and producing the Downtown Weekly Events Email, and promotes on-going coverage of Downtown events, businesses, and development initiatives through photography and video marketing.

Andy received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Wichita State University.





Megan Hartzell

Director of Communications, Wichita Downtown Development Corporation



As Director of Communications, Megan develops visual marketing materials to communicate the mission of the WDDC. Her focus is to create awareness and interest of downtown initiatives through written and visual information. Previously, Megan was Director of Training at Chick-fil-A East Wichita. During that time she was also a graphic design intern at RainbowsUnited Incorporated. For the past two years she has worked as a student designer and photographer in Marketing and Communications at Friends University.

Megan received a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Friends University and is a member of the Young Professionals of Wichita.

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